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Flight Management Systems Benefits Using the 4 MCU Flight Management Computer

To learn more about how well flight management systems perform using the 4 MCU flight management computer, please click on the picture below to view a document with many images outlining the benefits.

Flight Management System Benefits

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Operators of 737 aircraft around the world are realizing the savings and benefits of hosting flight management systems on 4 MCU flight management computers.

The key advantages of the 4 MCH FMC are increased capability for RNP Navigation, flexible ACARS and reduced weight which can result in significant fuel savings. An 8 MCU FMS typically weighs around 35 pounds as opposed to 11 pounds with 4 MCU flight management computer.

Also the 4 MCU FMC features improved reliability. A 4 MCU FMS requires MTBF at 18,000 hours while an 8 MCU FMS requires MTBF at 6000 hours. The 4 MCU FMC also consumes much less power, 27 watts versus usually 100 watts or more. This means cooling air is present to prevent overheating but is not required.

Operators of aircraft also appreciate the dual synchronous operation functionality of the 4 MCU FMC. There is display downtime during synchronizing as the High Speed Intersystem Bus (RS-422) operates at a blazing 1.25 Megabaud.

Another added benefit of the 4 MCU flight management system is single FMS operation. Simply put, "Both on Left” or “Both on Right” options are available in event of an FMS failure, giving operators the chance to maintain same aircraft operations.

The State of the Art 4 MCU Hardware Features:
  • 32-bit Architecture
  • 32 Mbytes Memory Capacity
  • On-board Loadable Software and Databases
  • Motorola 68040 Processor @ 25 MIPS (8 MCU FMS = 1 MIPS)
  • Spare Capacity in Speed, Memory and Interfaces

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